Modernization is Our Mission

Enterprise capable I.T. integrator dedicated to sustainable implementations.


With 25 years of Engineering Experience, Collier IT delivers creative and innovative solutions for analytics, big data, cloud and cyber security. We do this by examining client needs not just from one angle, but from every angle. Our obsession for exploring IT challenges from multiple dimensions gives rise to entirely new perspectives.


Finding the Magic

In our years of experience, we have learned to adapt.

Like many CIO’s, we grew up solving IT problems with infrastructure but were limited by technologies available to deliver services to the end-user.

By keeping our senior staff educated and engaged in modernization projects all around the U.S. we develop a unique perspective on IT and big data.

As one of our client CIO’s put it: “Most IT organizations focus on infrastructure, but that’s not where the magic is.”

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A Perspective Never Seen Before

When it comes to engineering and architecting cloud and security solutions for your business, Collier IT creates with a view from the top of the wheel, piercing through the clouds, to find the right solution.

The Collier IT team is not satisfied with implementing a pre-fabricated software solution that only fits a hypothetical problem. Collier IT’s analysts take a holistic approach, examining problems from multiple viewpoints, in order to find the right combination of answers.

“We see Collier IT as a true partner that is on the ground working and meeting with us, but at the same time, looking forward and crafting a strategy that looks forward to our future needs,” - Quality assurance manager.

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Illuminating Hidden Stories

Finding answers to complex analytical problems that no one else is even contemplating.

In one recent engagement, the Minnesota Department of Human Services asked Collier IT to investigate the potential of a “compliance as a service” model that was affordable, sustainable, and flexible.

Collier IT engineers and architects launched a mind-map approach to identify the best practices, methodologies, and disciplines for creating a flexible data environment that would provide an easy solution for auditing, compliance, process improvement, detection, analytics, and alerting.

Collier IT architected a solution that was not only self-implementable, but was also self-sustaining without the high costs of a licensed product.

"Collier IT has this innate capacity to see things that we have not yet thought of,” - CIO

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The Cost of Vulnerability

At Collier IT, we believe security operations should be a sustainable end-to-end experience powered by visibility, high response speed, integrity and streamlined cost.

We invite you to join us in building a more simple future for cyber security using our best in class aaS (as a service) Security offerings.

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An Engineering Obsession Creates Breakthrough Innovation.
We strive to be bold visionaries, like those who brought us the Brooklyn Bridge, skyscrapers, railroads, and the Ferris Wheel, Collier IT is a leading expert in designing, architecting, and implementing the information technology systems of the 21st Century. The Ferris Wheel, originally showcased at the Chicago World Exposition in 1893, was an unprecedented paradigm shift. Despite the time constraints and inherent risks in building it, the great Ferris Wheel exceeded all expectations and put America at the front of the technology race. Ferris dreamed up a design that, 100 years later, architects still follow when constructing the largest, fastest, tallest, computer-driven “observation wheels” of the modern era. “They are the best firm I have ever worked with when it comes to strategic thinking. When we need to architect a solution and plan for the future, Collier IT has absolutely been our best resource. And I’m comparing them to some of the most well-known, big companies out there”.


Whether you’re experienced and are ready to purchase, or if you’re just starting out and need to ask questions – we are especially qualified to engage in the many phases of IT.


Solution Alignment

Enterprise solutions require the integration of multiple facets of a business, through a coordinated and monitored process, utilizing databases and decision tools that have a high level of integrity.

Collier IT will assist with:

• Aligning products and process to business requirements
• Liaison with your vendor community
• Present technologies that fit objectives and fill discovered gaps
• Provide post solutioning walkthrough

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Collier IT, along with each of our partners, provide roles-based consulting and IT services based upon the audience’s functional responsibility and their tasks at hand.

• IT cost optimization, license review, and sustainability
• Data and database modernization
• Analytics and Big Data Services
• Cyber Security and threat hunting
• Vendor Relationships and Sourcing

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Collier IT provides data, experience, and capabilities to present best practice designs, metrics, and processes, all with the sustainability of each approach in mind.

• Engineered or Hyper-Converged Infrastructure experience
• Structured and unstructured data as components
• Data and network security - from encryption to threat hunting
• CloudCouple technology for reliable, auditable, and manageable cloud connectivity
• Proof of Concept capabilities for high performance testing or other metrics

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Complex, multi-sourced solutions need the right balance of vendor relationship, governance, cost, sustainability, delivery and clarity. Collier IT gives priority weighting to the cost and support sustainability of any project.

• Five year cost analysis
• Product relevance review
• Procurement timing and sustainability review
• Long term maintenance plan
• Long term education and staff augmentation plan

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We follow best practices methodologies and utilize tools to help efficiently guide clients through the process from understanding the design and purpose to training and deployment.

• Experienced implementers and references for everything we offer
• Trainers for all technologies that we work with
• Hardware experience second to none
• Managed services, if required
• Testing and proof of concept labs
• Back up teams and 24X7 support

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Collier IT provides training for everything we recommend and implement. Utilizing adult training methods and appropriately designed curriculum, we are attentive to the seven factors of employee retention as well.

• Oracle University approved delivery partner & education centers
• Cloudera/Hadoop training official delivery partner & education centers
• Guru Labs Unix and Linux delivery partner
• Company designed chalk-talk and knowledge sharing events
• Pre-defined immersion courses for certain solutions.

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Collier IT’s commitment is to inform you of the best ways of protecting your data and to provide services to protect you from malicious threats and tricksters who want to hack your data.
We will engage with you to:

• Understand, as best we can, your security rules and limitations
• Diligently attempt to keep up and utilize best practices
• Fortress critical information as much as possible
• Provide advanced persistent threat (APT) alerting
• Provide Threat hunting with behavioral analytics
• Provide incident management avenues

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Preferred Systems Maintenance
Preferred System Maintenance removes the quandary many find themselves in when a systems manufacturer ceases support on equipment that is still functional and in service. We are a hardware, Operating System, and Database contract maintenance organization that was formed in 1993. “It’s not just that they are customer-centric—we know they will always do what is right for the customer,” – Industrial Manufacturing Executive.

About Us

Why Collier?

For over 25 years, we have been advising our clients on delivering optimized business innovation and improvement by better utilizing their IT assets. We will help you innovate by optimizing your current assets using consultancy, complimentary tools, support and education while delivering cost sustainability that has delivered 360.6% improvements.

Why Collier IT?

Because it is critical to have an advisor to help you harness your expensive IT assets and to modernize those resources with specialized impartial assistance.

Why we advocate modernization:

Because if you do not continue to improve and modernize, your business model could become expensive, cumbersome and unsustainable. It might even result in dissatisfied staff, audits, non-compliance, punitive penalties and even missed market opportunities.

Why we remain impartial:
Impartial is important, especially in large companies. Many larger organizations are organized in pillars that may create partisan solution perspectives. We stay true to the perspectives we gain from our client’s specific needs and are impartial to the politics of the solution offering.

Why should modernization be a priority?

We believe that from our perspective, modernization can mitigate several great threats to an organization; vulnerability to staff turnover, unexpected costs and lagging customer engagement capabilities. We engage with a sense of urgency and discipline because we feel a non-disciplined low urgency approach can result in higher risk, cost and frustration.


An Industry Leader in Information Technology Training
Industry award-winning technical instructors deliver quality, certified information technology training by utilizing a number of modern delivery methods.

Since 2003, Collier IT has provided both corporate and individual clients with an acclaimed learning experience. Courses for Oracle, Cloudera, and GuruLabs are delivered in our physical facilities located in Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, OH. Our facilities are equipped with advanced computer hardware, multiple broadband Internet connections, digital projection systems, and all the necessary equipment for an optimal learning environment. Combined with leveraging the professional technical training content from our providers, we ensure a consistent quality training experience.

We also are proud to deliver the same course content simultaneously, globally by utilizing both remote learning solutions, as well as physical travel to foreign countries.


Collier IT provides certified Cloudera training in partnership with Cloudera University. All courses are taught by instructors that have been certified by Cloudera. We provide training for Hadoop Administrators, Hadoop Developers, and Big Data Analysts.